Wheels for Robot (Line Follower etc.) – India

This Wheel is a must when you are building your own movable robot, a line follower maybe! An important component to keep your robot moving, mountable on a chassis.

Here you can buy the Wheels for Robot (1 Pc) in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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Wheels for your robot kits. Buy these robot wheels in India at Circuit Uncle with fast shipping. Robot wheels can be mounted on shafts connected to motors or gearboxes. They are standard wheels that are already included in Circuit Uncle’s Line Follower Robot Kit, which is also available to buy online in India. These wheels are easily mounted to Toy DC Geared Motor.

Robot wheels are very lightweight, so a large amount of torque is still left to accelerate your robot. These wheels are uniformly round so there will no bumps to your robot while on the move. The black rubber lining/sleeve outside the wheels gives necessary traction between the wheel and the surface. So that the robot is now able to stop (or apply the brakes) or accelerate very quickly without skidding.

  • Usage-Home/Hobby Project
  • Mechanical Component
  • Make your bot Turnable and movable
  • Mountable on a standard bot chassis with motors
Tire (Approx) diameter 180mm
Tire (Approx) width 37mm
Hub Length (Approx) 34mm
Bore diameter (Approx) 16mm
Wheel bearings Yes
Material  Plastic
Tire color Black
Rim color Yellow
Load capacity 50KG


Link for the 3D printable schematic for these robot wheels and holders.

These robot wheels are very famous among Indian Students, and educators as they form the essential part of a movable vehicle and robot (Particularly Line followers), they are low cost and durable. Also suitable for making rovers ( four wheels robots ) and can pass through any surface type, while on the move. If you buy this Robot wheel with more products in combination (as listed below) you can get even a lower price!

Circuit Uncle assure you about the wheel’s quality, and we will replace you for any product fault. Moreover, we can provide you with technical suggestions regarding your projects. Call us, or Whatsapp us on our number to know more!

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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