USB Cable for Arduino Nano (USB A to USB Mini B)

USB Cable for Arduino NANO (USB Mini) can be used to power your favorite Arduino Nano board. They are detachable and can be used to upload the program to the Arduino Board.

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Arduino Nano uses a USB A to USB Mini B (Male to Male) cable, which is available online to buy in India at our website Circuit Uncle. Theoretically by using the Arduino nano cable (which is basically based on USB 2.0) one can get 480 Mbps data transfer rate in an end to end connection setup. The USB A end of the cable is connected with the powering device/power source (your computer or a battery adjusted with a potential divider circuit using a potentiometer) and the USB Mini B end is connected to Arduino Nano development board.

This USB cable is used to communicate, powering up, and uploading the Arduino code/sketch to the board. You just need to select the Arduino Nano and the concerned COM port in Arduino IDE. This type of cable if you remember was used in old day phones to charge them, when they were first introduced in the consumer market. Which was quickly replaced as standard my micro USB which is more compact than USB mini. And nowadays, even micro USB ports are out of use, since the introduction of USB C cables and ports. Arduino Nano still uses USB 2.0 and it is not expected to see USB 3.0 or more in the coming years, so you can safely buy them to use at our website.

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Attention: This cable cannot be used with Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA 2560 if you want to purchase for them you should look at the following link: USB cable for Arduino UNO/MEGA.


  • Cable color and shape of USB Cable for Arduino Nano (USB A to USB Mini B) may vary slightly from an image as our stock rotates.
  • USB Mini
  • USB 2.0

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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  1. Ankita Goyal

    Yes, it fits in an Arduino Nano. I can program as well as power it up with it.

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