MPU 6050 3 Axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope – India

An MPU-6050 Three-Axis Accelerometer + Gyroscope can be used to build your bot, quad-copters, UAVs and wherever you can think its use.

Here you can buy the Three-Axis Accelerometer + Gyroscope MPU-6050 in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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At Circuit Uncle (Home for all kind of Iot Products and Solutions), one can buy MPU 6050 in India, with fast shipping. MPU 6050 has a 3-Axis accelerometer and a 3-Axis gyroscope integrated on a single chip (which saves a lot of space, and now you don’t need to purchase them separately!)

The gyroscope of MPU 6050 measures the rotational velocity along the X, Y, and Z-axis, and utilizes MEMS technology and the Coriolis Effect for an estimate of angular velocity. The gyroscope voltage output is in proportion to degrees per second, so if anyone wants to decide the angular position just integrate with respect to time (You will get number of Arduino codes for these applications of MPU 6050). MPU 6050’s accelerometer can measure acceleration along the 3 axes and those values could be used to judge the angular orientation of the sensor.

This a combination of MPU 6050’s gyroscope and accelerometer gives you 6 degrees of freedom through which you can perform various tasks (Think of making A self-balancing robot!). This you can measure the yaw pitch roll of any system which lets you make angular velocity compensation or stabilization systems (Aircraft and Space ships have these kinds of system, which make them stable while flying!). So let your imagination fly with MPU 6050 and you can buy in India with confidence at Circuit Uncle.


  • MPU-6050 sensor contains a MEMS accelerometer and a MEMS gyro in a single chip.
  • It is very accurate, as it contains 16-bits analog to digital conversion hardware for each channel.
  • It captures the x, y, and z channel at the same time.
  • The sensor uses the I2C-bus to interface with the Arduino.
  • It combines both an accelerometer and a gyro.

A more detailed and technical Information about MPU6050.

I2C Library.

Example Arduino Program for MPU-6050.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm

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  1. Jean Kandpal

    This has a gyro and accelerometer both in it.

  2. Karan Mehra

    I was going to buy both accelerometers separately, but one guy from circuit uncle suggested to purchase MPU 6050 instead. I was very happy to know that it has both inbuilt. You guys really know the things!

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