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Soldering Paste or Flux or Cream is used to make solder bonds strong. Buy this soldering flux with Circuit Uncle’s Soldering Iron, to get a better deal.

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Buy in India Online with fast shipping, Soldering Iron Flux or Paste at Circuit Uncle. This soldering flux is a must buy, with a soldering iron. The weight of this product is approximately 15 grams. This soldering flux is of high quality and makes the soldering bond more powerful. Soldering Flux or Paste is also sometimes known as Soldering cream. The soldering paste functions as it initially sticks components in together, and when heated melting the paste as well as the Lead solder. This heating forms a mechanical bond as well as an electrical connection. It also cleans and prevents metal from oxidation thereby allows the solder to create strong, long-lasting mechanical and electrical bonds.

A soldering paste or flux is essentially the same powder metal solder which suspended in a thick medium called flux. The flux act as a temporary adhesive, which holds the components together during the process of soldering. The exact ingredients used to manufacture the soldering paste is application dependent, but generally, they are made of Tin-Lead alloy.

If you are interested to know about the physical property of a soldering paste, it is Thixotropic in nature. It means the viscosity of Soldering paste/flux changes with the shear force applied to it.  There are three types of flux available in the Indian market, which are namely Rosin based (A liquid extracted from Pine), water-soluble and a mixture of various liquids (and Rosin). Our soldering paste is Rosin based paste.

So if you want good solder joints in your PCB without faults, you will always prefer our Soldering Paste Flux! A good solder joint is usually shiny and concave in shape (visually). Order it with our Soldering Iron, to get a good deal. This soldering paste could be used by the students and professionals alike.

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