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Soldering Iron Stand is used to hold the soldering iron and prevent to burn the hot soldering iron tip from burning the surface. Buy it with the soldering iron.

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Buy online in India, Soldering Iron Stand with fast shipping, at Circuit Uncle. The solder or soldering iron stand is used to hold the hot or heated soldering iron which prevents the table or the surface over which you would have put otherwise to burn from it.

A high-quality stand with a heavy-duty metal base is used to make this soldering iron stand. A reinforced spring safety holder which prevents tangling with the spring and supplied with a cleaning sponge.

Features of the Soldering Iron Stand

  • low-cost
  • with cleaning sponge
  • weight approximately 165g (lightweight)

Traditionally a soldering iron stand was to keep the hot iron away from flammable materials. That used to come with a sponge and flux pot which an electrician used to clean-up the tip. These stand act as an important part of a soldering station, over which the soldering iron is generally attached or kept.

How to use soldering Iron stand effectively video.

NOTE: You always need a soldering iron stand, both to stop the iron from burning anything and prevent it from falling on to the floor or on you (a hot iron could be dangerous)! Every good stand has a tray for a piece of sponge. The sponge is kept moist (with water) and the tip of the soldering iron is cleaned with it by scratching over it. But wet your sponge with distilled water before using the iron. If you use tap or any other source of water to wet the sponge of the stand, then it can corrode the tip in the long run, or some chemical might get deposited over the tip.

So Circuit Uncle team recommends you buy online in India the Soldering Iron stand which will surely complete your soldering kit. We have in our stock the Soldering Iron, Soldering Wire, Desoldering Pump, Flux, and Desoldering Wick.

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