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Soldering Iron is used to melt the solder which is then used to fix electrically and mechanically circuit components together or with a PCB. Circuit Uncle has various Wattage options (25 W/ 60 W) for you when it comes to buying Soldering Iron online in India.

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Buy online in India, Soldering Iron with three options of Wattage: 25W and 60W, at Circuit Uncle. If you have just purchased Arduino Nano you might need to purchase the soldering Iron as well. This is not a temperature-controlled Soldering Iron, but a fixed temperature one, which will be sufficient for soldering any circuit component together or on the GPCB.

A soldering iron is used to melt the solder, which when gets condensed between the electronic components to get them joined together electrically and mechanically. A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle (otherwise you will burn your hand). Heating is often achieved electrically, through electric current (through an electrical cord or battery) through a resistive heating element. In India, every electronics engineer or electrical engineer has to buy or borrow a soldering iron at least once in his life, which enables him/her to make a final and robust version of the circuit. The fixed temperature Soldering iron is used a lot in Embedded system industries and among students in India, as it is a cheap option when compared to the expensive temperature controlled soldering iron (which is generally imported). 25 Watt Soldering Iron will be slow in melting the solder but would be cheaper (and also meant for student projects) and 60 Watt soldering iron will melt the solder quickly (meant and suitable for industrial production which requires fast and precise production).

All the DIP ICs like Timer 555 IC and electronic components like capacitors, resistors, the voltage regulators could be soldered in PCBs using these soldering Irons.

Soldering irons are most often used for installation, repairs, and limited production work in electronics assembly (but in India, soldering iron is generally used everywhere). Simple irons run with a concept of Physics called heat transfer and the temperature determined by thermal equilibrium; when heating something large their temperature drops. Thus if anyone wants uniform heating, they should use the temperature-controlled one.

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    I have purchased a 60W one. It is a good one.

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