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Solder Wire or Soldering wire 50 gm is useful if you want to join components and wires, over your PCB. Complete your circuit and join electrically your components through this solder or soldering wire.

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If you want to buy online in India the Solder Wire or Soldering Wire with fast shipping, you came to the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle. Solder wire helps you to join electrically the electronic components or wires from the printed circuit board (PCB) or components very strongly. High purity Alloy that is composed of 63% Tin and 37% Lead from Virgin Metals (63/37 Sn-Pb solder or chemically Sn60Pb40 solder). This mixture is a eutectic alloy of these metals, which:

  1. has the lowest melting point (183 °C) of all the tin-lead alloys; and
  2. the melting point is truly a point — not a range.

It is very easy to use a this soldering wire, just pre-hear the soldering iron, keep it in contact at the joint and touch it with the PCB. Circuit Uncle Solder or Soldering wire is of high quality for efficient soldering. Pb and Sn Alloy was used traditionally for soldering and are still being used, like this product; these are particularly used for hand-based soldering. For automated soldering (through CNC machines), it is generally used Roisin coated solder wires. Lead-free solder is also becoming popular among electronics practitioners as a healthy alternative of Pb-Sn alloys.

Solder wire is a conductive alloy substance with a low melting point, used in the electronics industry to electrically and mechanically (electromechanical) connect components together. It is generally used to join wires to components such as switches or printed circuit board (PCB), etc.

For electrical and electronics work, solder wire is available in a range of thicknesses for hand-soldering (manual soldering is performed using a soldering iron or soldering gun), and with cores containing flux.


Soldering Wire or Solder Wire - Buy online in India - Circuit Uncle
Soldering Wire or Solder Wire – Buy online in India – Circuit Uncle

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