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Solder Copper Wick Mesh is useful if you want to remove a solder joint safely, over your PCB. Purchase our Soldering Iron and Solder Flux with it.

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Buy online in India, Solder Copper Wick Mesh with  Soldering Iron and Soldering Paste or Flux, at Circuit Uncle. If you have just purchased Arduino Nano you might need to purchase these soldering accessories as well. What is a Solder wick? A mesh of copper wire, with each strand of it, is typically anywhere from 18-42 AWG.

Solder wick helps you to remove solder joints from the printed circuit board (PCB) or components. The solder Copper wick Mesh is with you in case you a correction to be made with the circuit. And it’s very easy to use a solder wick, and can save you from having to replace the components.

Step by Step instructions on how to use Solder Copper Wick Mesh with a soldering iron.

Initial Step

Set up an exhaust fan to get rid of the lead fumes. You can also wear a mask and wear safety glasses for a start.

Warm Up the Soldering Iron

Now Wick that Solder!

Unroll a few centimeters of solder wick and hold it firmly against the solder joint you want to get rid of. Then apply the heated soldering iron tip to the wick, it will melt the solder and the copper mesh will absorb the solder through capillary action. When it starts to work, you will actually be able to see the solder being pulled up into the solder wick. Now the solder will bond to the solder wick. The mesh encourages the solder to “wick” into it.

Cut the used Solder Wick after Desoldering

Cut the length of used solder wick from the roll and repeat the above procedure to desolder more solder joints.

Wiki Link on Soldering Iron.

Tutorial on how to use Desolder using Copper Wire Mesh or Wick

So buy with Circuit Uncle in India the Copper Wire Mesh Solder Wick to desolder.

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