Raspberry Pi 4 USB C Power Supply Adapter 5V 3A

This Power Adapter will power your Raspberry Pi 4 series of single-board computers. You can use this to power up Raspberry Pi 4B available in Circuit Uncle’s inventory.

Here you can buy the Raspberry Pi 4 USB C Power Adapter 5V 3A in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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Circuit Uncle brings to you in India the Raspberry Pi 4 USB C Power Supply Adapter 5V 3A, which you can get at your doorstep with fast shipping. This power adapter you should purchase with our Raspberry Pi 4B model. For Raspberry 3B and 3B+, you should purchase a Micro USB adapter. USB-C, also called USB Type-C, is a 24-pin USB connector system. The 24-pin double-sided connector is slightly larger than the micro-B USB connector. The connection that a USB-C type connector made while being fixed could be seen in the below two figures.

USB-C receptacle pinout end-on view
USB-C receptacle pinout end-on view


USB-C plug pinout end-on view
USB-C plug pinout end-on view


The power or current requirements of your Raspberry Pi increase as you connect various devices to it. The GPIO pins draw up to 50mA which is distributed over all the pins. The HDMI port uses an additional 50mA current, the camera module (which differ when the infrared camera is used) requires 250mA, apart from these keyboards and mouse require 100mA to 1000mA current! So we at Circuit Uncle always recommend you purchase the power adapter whose current/power output rating is higher than Raspberry Pi 4 minimum required current which is 600mA (Typical bare-board active current consumption).

Important: Use a stable and sufficient power supplying adapter for your raspberry pi!

If the supply voltage drops below 4.63V (+/- 5%)  Raspberry Pi can see the corruption of SD cards or unresponsive/erratic behavior.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 USB C Power Adapter 5V 3A Power Supply

Read Raspberry Pi’s power supply documentation.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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