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Best and complete Racing Robot Kit to buy online in India. It contains every component which will come handy when you are deploying your bot. This kit is without Arduino or any other microcontroller, as the control is through a pair of DPDT switch.

Buy Circuit Uncle’s  Racing Robot Kit Online in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.


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We have created for you (to buy online in India) the best and comprehensive Racing Robot Kit Kit starter kit for beginners (and experts too) which actually require no Arduino UNO or any other controller. We at Circuit Uncle is an enthusiastic team of IoT, Electronics, Electrical & software enthusiasts, and we know what it takes to learn to implement projects. Its a complete Do-it-yourself (DIY) racing robot kit using the DPDT switch.

This Racing Robot Kit is suitable for students of any background e.g., electronics/electrical/computer science/information technology and suitable for any degree i.e., B.Tech./M.Tech. So, keeping in mind to create a pocket-friendly and yet complete Racing Robot Kit we have carefully chosen the components.

NOTE: You will need a 12 Volt battery to powerup your racing bot.

The connection of the motor (which is mounted over the bot) and the DPDT switch is such that the left DPDT switch controls the rotation of left side wheels/motors and the right DPDT switch controls the rotation of right side wheels/motors. Keeping one switch in on state enables the bot to turn around, and keep both in an on-state move it forward. To stop the racing robot you need to switch-off both the DPTD switch.

The speed of the racing robot can be increased by replacing the motors with more powerful or more RPM motors. Currently, this kit has motors that rotating with a maximum angular speed of 300 rpm. The motors you need to mount on a four-wheel chassis.

One can try integrating a microcontroller for better logic control of the bot, instead of a manual one with a DPDT switch. A further immediate extension of this project would be to get rid of the control wires, which you can do with an ESP32 or ESP8266 Node MCU boards, which have inbuild WiFi and BlueTooth.

Racing Robot Kit (India) Contents with Quantity:

Link for Instructable project.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 cm


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  1. Hemant Kandpal

    I ordered 10 racing robot kits. They worked fine.

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