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These Push Buttons Tactile Switch (2 Pin Tactile), SPST switches are circuit friendly. An important circuit component when you want to power your circuit or a part of your circuit momentarily (remember doorbell?).

Here you can buy the Push Buttons Tactile Switch (2 Pin Tactile) in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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If you require to buy online in India the 2 Pin Push Button Tactile Switch (2 Pc), buy with us, i.e., Circuit Uncle – Home for IoT, Embedded, and Robotics electronics components. Remember the old door switches? It’s very much like them. If you worked with microcontroller boards before, e.g., Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, etc, you might have already seen such kind of switch, however it is of bigger size and more current capacity.

This Tactile switch is very lightweight, weighs only a couple of grams. When you press the button, it closes the circuit and allows the current to flow through it until you keep it the pressed state. Thus this switch is very famous among students of India and worldwide, where they require only a momentary manual switching in their circuits.   They are also called by the names,  tactile key, mini switch, mini push button switch, micro switch, and reset switch.

Applications of 2 Pin Tactile Switch Push Button:

  • Auto Reset switch.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) Arduino projects.
  • DIY Raspberry Pi projects.
  • Electrical/Electronic projects.
  • High durability.
  • Can be soldered over a PCB very easily.
  • Easy operation.

NOTE: This 2 pin tactile push button switch is not breadboard friendly, as it does not have terminals that can be inserted in the breadboard holes. However, it is great when you are ready to solder it on a PCB. This switch is compact in size and will fit in your circuit very comfortably.

We at Circuit Uncle ensures the quality of each component supplied to you, so be assured and buy with confidence in India the  2 Pin Push Button Tactile Switch with us. If you want a better deal and want to order in bulk, just drop us a mail or Call/WhatsApp us.

Wikipedia Page for Push Buttons, which will give you an idea of how this switch works.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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  1. Bhavesh Goyal

    Cheap and high-quality buttons. Can withstand high current rating. Thanks, Circuit Unle for quick delivery.

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