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A micro USB cable is when you need to power up or program your ESP32 module or a Raspberry Pi 3. This micro USB cable can replace your old mobile charger wire too!

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If you want to buy online in India with fast shipping, the Micro USB Cable for your ESP32 or Raspberry Pi 3, you came to the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle – Home for IoT, Embedded, Robotics Electronics components. This is a high-quality Micro USB 2.0 Cable and can be used to power up or program the ESP32 or power up your raspberry pi 3.

The Universal Serial Bus or USB was originally developed to simplify and improve the physical connection between the PC and the connected devices, e.g, printers, scanners, mouse, keyboard, speaker, plotters, etc. The main advantage would be that the connected devices could be powered directly from the USB cable, which eliminated the need for an additional power supply cable.

Installing a device that uses a USB cable requires minimal manual intervention, where you just need to plug the wire at both the end and the computer automatically download the drivers or has it already. Once installed at the computer, now anyone can communicate with the device through the computer and Micro USB cable. So it is very convenient to use a Micro USB cable as it is sleek and power your circuit very neatly without adding clutter.

This Micro USB cable can also serve as a replacement to your old mobile phone charger cable, as it is used everywhere for this purpose.

NOTE: Images are for representation purpose only, the actual product may vary in looks, but rest be assured about the quality.

Wikipedia page for the USB

Circuit Uncle ensures the utmost quality of the supplied components, so buy online in India with confidence in the Micro USB cable for ESP32 and Raspberry Pi 3 with confidence in us. We can give you a better deal price if you want to buy in Bulk, for that just mail or call/WhatsApp us with your requirements, and we will get back to you.

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