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The MG90S Micro Servo (Metallic Gear) Motor is lightweight, high-quality and lightning-fast. The MG90S Micro Servo (Metallic Gear) Motor can rotate approximately 180 degrees, it works like standard servos. The MG90S Micro Servo (Metallic Gear) Motor with other accessories is perfect for R/C helicopter, plane, car, boat and truck use.

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MG90S Digital Servo Motor is undoubtedly the most popular Metallic Gear Servo Motor in India and the world. MG90S Servo Motor is available to buy in India, at Circuit Uncle (Home for Robotics / IoT / Embedded Modules and Solution).  MG actually stands for Metallic Gear. Since MG90S is so popular you will get multiple directions to utilize it, with just a single search over google or youtube. A servo motor gives control over the direction of rotation, angular position, velocity, and acceleration. Servo motor has a geared output shaft which can be (Through PWM Pulses) controlled to turn one degree (Rotation) at a time.

This servo is very to use and requires only 3 pins with a female type for its operation. The red one is Vcc (+5V) and the Black one is Ground (GND). The third wire is used to send control pulse to the MG90S  servo motor. The control pulse to MG90S is actually a PWM pulse with a controlled duty cycle and could be generated through the pin 8 of the Arduino UNO.

This Servo is very easy to integrate through an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. And various programs could be found over the internet to use with it. MG90S can rotate 180 degrees (90 in each direction), and it remains in its position firmly if no signal is sent to it.

Item Name: MG90S digital micro servo (Metallic Gear)
Weight: about 13.4g
Dimension: 22.8 x 12.2 x 28.5mm
Stall Torque: 1.8kg/cm(4.8V ),2.2kg/cm(6V) (MG90S is Tiny but heavy-duty)
Operating Speed: 0.1sec/60degree(4.8v), 0.08sec/60degree(6v)
Operating Voltage: 4.8-6.0V
Motor Type: coreless motor
Connector Wire Length: 175mm

Micro size and ultra light weight.
Great for truck, Boat, Racing Car, Helicopter and Airplane.

Package Included:
1 x MG90S servo

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Arduino Library for MG90S Servo Motor


Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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  1. Mehek J.

    This servo is quite durable. And cheaper from the market.

  2. Suraj Sharma

    This servo motor is really for starters. A good match for my needs.

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