LM393 Sound Sensor Module

LM393 Sound Sensor Module is a low-cost sensor module based on the LM393 comparator IC. You can use it to build your own sound detection circuits, which is good for making sound-sensitive robots.

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Circuit Uncle has in its inventory the LM393 Sound Sensor module for sale in India. With us, you can get this module at your doorstep with ultra-fast shipping. The module is able to detect the sound wave using the LM393 IC, which is basically a comparator circuit which produces a positive voltage (logic 0) output whenever the microphone or mic attached with this module produces a voltage higher than a threshold, on encountering a sound wave. The analog output pin produces a voltage proportional to the sound wave intensity.

This sensor is good for detecting the presence of sound waves and can compare the relative intensity but not the frequency of the sound wave. The sound threshold level for the comparator (LM393) is set through an onboard potentiometer, which when exceeds, the onboard SMD LED is illuminated and the digital pin output becomes low.

This LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module could be easily interfaced with an Arduino UNO, or Arduino Nano, or even Raspberry Pi.

If you remember the clap reacting toys or robots, they too used this kind of sensor!


Supply Voltage – 3.3-5 VDC
Voltage Outputs – One analog + One digital output
Screw Fixation Holes – 1 x mounting screw hole (3 mm) 2 indicator
Indicator LEDs – 1 power indicator + 1 comparator output indicator frequency

Length x Width x Height (mm)  – 36.5 x 17 x 10

Weight (grams) – 4

Example Arduino Script of Arduino and LM393 Sound Sensor Module

void setup(){
pinMode(2, INPUT);
void loop()
if(digitalRead(2) == 0) Serial.println(“no sound detected”);
else Serial.println(“sound detected”);

Another Example Circuit Diagram of the LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module

LED blink when detecting a sound wave above a threshold using Arduino UNO and LED. Arduino Code link.

LM393 Sound Detection Arduino UNO Circuit Diagram
LM393 Sound Detection Arduino UNO Circuit Diagram


LM393 Based Sound Sensor Module - Buy online in India - Circuit Uncle
LM393 Based Sound Sensor Module – Buy online in India – Circuit Uncle


Datasheet of LM393 IC

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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