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A photoresistor (or light-dependent resistor, LDR, or photo-conductive cell) is a light-controlled variable resistor. The resistance of a photoresistor decreases with increasing incident light intensity; in other words, it exhibits photoconductivity. A photoresistor can be applied in light-sensitive detector circuits and light-activated and dark-activated switching circuits.

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So what is an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)? (The scientific/technical/bookish name of LDR- Light Dependent Resistor is Photoresistor.)
An LDR is a Photoresistor whose resistance changes with light falls on it. In other words, it exhibits photoconductivity. Thus could be used in light sensing circuits or for a light-dependent switching operation.

The typical resistance range when an ample amount of light is falling over it ranges in 1-5 k Ohm range and in the dark it ranges in Mega Ohms. Photoresistors (LDRs) are less light-sensitive devices when compared to photodiodes or phototransistors (which are true semiconductor devices with PN Junction), while an LRD does not have a PN-junction. The operational parameters for an LDR one must consider before utilizing t in a circuit is that the photosensitivity of an LDR is dependent on ambient temperature, which really makes them unsuitable for applications requiring precise measurement of or sensitivity to light photons. But still, they work well for most of the applications such as switching. Apart from LDR’s photosensitivity issue, latency is an issue too. Usually, around 10 milliseconds for minor light fluctuations and could be around 1 sec if there is a huge change in light sensitivity. Thus, while using an LDR in your circuit you should be considering this delay as well.

The sensitivity of an LDR also varies with the light wavelength. If the wavelength is outside its optimum operation range, it might not affect the resistance of the device at all! Different materials through which the LDR is made, have a different unique response (sensitivity in other words) towards the light of a particular wavelength.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm

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  1. Himanshu Datta

    I build a darkness detector circuit with it. It was a really cool project.

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