Infra-Red (IR) Object Sensor Module – India

The Infra-Red (IR) Object Sensor Module can be used to detect an object from a distance up to 10cm and hence could be used to build obstacle avoidance robots or proximity detectors.  Very easy to integrate with your circuit and could be easily interfaced by your Arduino.

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The IR Object sensor module consists mainly of the IR Transmitter and Receiver, Opamp, Variable Resistor (Trimmer pot), and an obstacle indicator LED. This module is perfect for object/obstacle detection projects or to build a line follower robot and is included in Circuit Uncle’s Line Follower Kit. So you can buy online in India with fast shipping, the IR Object Sensor Module at Circuit Uncle (Home for Embedded / IoT / Robotics components and solutions).

Very easily integrable with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other Microcontroller boards, since it has only 3 pins to deal with. The main components are the Infra-red transmitter which transmits the IR radiation which gets reflected by the surface of the obstacle and the photodiode which catches back the reflected IR wave.  The infra-red transmitter is basically an LED which transmits in the range of 700 nanometer – 1-micrometer wavelength and the photodiode is basically a PN junction diode which generates a current when the light of a particular wavelength strikes on its surface. The Opamp connected with this IR sensor module is LM 358. The variable resistor connected is used to calibrate the distance range at which an object should be detected.

Pin Configuration (It has only 3 pins to interface with a microcontroller board, very easy!)

Pin Name Description
VCC Power Supply Input
GND Power Supply Ground
OUT Active High Output

The potentiometer included in the board of IR Object Sensor Module is used to set the sensitivity of the sensing done by the module, which directly controls the range of detection.

Technical Specifications and Details

  • Up to 10cm range
  • 10k Pot onboard for range calibration
  • Detection LED indicator
  • 5V input Voltage
  • TTL compatible O/p

Arduino IR Remote Control Library

Since this IR object sensor module is very easy to use and has low-cost, it is a very popular product among students of India, who buy it online.

COVID-19 Quick Project Idea: You can use this IR Object Detection Module for building an automatic hand sanitizer dispensing machine, and you won’t even require an Arduino for that! So grab them quickly, before they get out of stock.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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  1. Azim Ali

    This IR Sensor is good for Line Follower Robot. Ordered 3 of them, very easy to use.

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