GPS Module Neo-6M – India

GPS Module Neo – 6M is used to geolocate. If you want Geolocation as a feature of your circuit this is the right module for you!

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The Global positioning system (GPS) module (Neo-6M) is a popular module to buy in India, as it is a cost-effective, accurate module with a patch antenna, memory chip on board, and an ample battery backup. This module could be easily interfaced with a broad range of microcontroller boards e.g., Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA 2560, and Arduino Nano. Like every other GPS receiver, it works best outdoors but has good sensitivity for indoor applications as well. It has EEPROM to save on-board, the configuration settings. Due to the inbuilt voltage regulator, this GPS module Neo-6M can work with a DC input in a 3.3-to 5V range. For debugging, the module,  while using a Windows PC you can download its debug/evaluation tool called “u-center”. It communicates with the microcontroller board through the serial interface, and the BAUD rate is configurable, but the default is set to 9600 bps.

When the GPS module is able to lock onto enough satellites the green light indicator in the module will start blinking while the red light is for power supply indication.

Neo 6M Pin configuration

The NEO-6M GPS module has four pins: VCCRXTX, and GND. The module communicates with the Arduino via serial communication using the TX and RX pins. But you will require some jumper wires in order to connect.

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  • 5Hz position update rate
  • Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85°CUART TTL socket
  • EEPROM to save configuration settings
  • Rechargeable battery for Backup
  • The cold start time of 38 s and Hot start time of 1 s
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 V
  • Configurable from 4800 Baud to 115200 Baud rates. (default 9600)
  • SuperSense ® Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
  • Separated 18X18mm GPS antenna

Datasheet / User Manual of GSM Module Neo 6M

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15W, 25W, 60W


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