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Glue Gun and Stick are essential to your art and craft projects as well as to stick/insulate/waterproofing your circuit.

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Glue stick for your glue gun. Buy together this Glue Gun or Glue Stick online in India at Circuit Uncle, together with Glue Gun 100W. This Glue stick is used in the electronics industry to hole the circuit tight together or just to make the circuit waterproof. Glue sticks also used extensively in creating arts and crafts. The diameter of the glue stick is about 11 mm.

This glue stick is basically a thermoplastic in the form of a cylinder. Used with a  glue gun, an internal heating element melt the glue stick. A mechanical trigger mechanism pushes the glue stick outside, and the melted glue will be oozed out of the nozel of the Glue Gun. The melted glue will take only a few seconds (3 to 10 seconds) to re-solidify and then it will become hard and get attached to the surface or component it was put on to.

See the video below which talks about waterproofing a circuit with a glue gun.

See the following video to know what you can do with your Glue Gun and Stick! Yes, they are used quite extensively in Craft manufacturing industries.

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NOTE: Although once solidified it has a long life, however, this glue or thermoplastic is best for hobby purposes not to be preferably used in Industry where corrosive solvents are being used, as in those cases its performance is not guaranteed. This glue stick’s glue cannot also be used to waterproof the circuit to work in high-temperature scenarios as the solidified glue will melt away, exposing the circuit to water or other liquids.

Wikipedia article for Glue Stick or Hot-melt Adhesive

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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