100W Glue Gun (MX-100) – India

The 100W Glue Gun (MX-100) is very circuit friendly. An important thing to consider when you want your circuit or its parts well packed and intact.

Here you can buy the Glue Gun 100W in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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Buy 100W Glue Gun in India (MX-100) (Max Brand), at Circuit Uncle (Home for IoT modules and solutions), with fast shipping. This is a high power Glue gun and heats up really fast! If you want to buy a low-cost alternative of Glue Gun you can try with a 40W Glue gun (Low Power), which works fine but will take longer to heat up. The input voltage of the power supply is 240 Volts. This glue gun’s body is made up of PVC, whereas the nose of this glue gun is made of cast iron to that it could withstand very high temperatures. The glue (or the glue stick) is manufactured from thermoplastics (a kind of polymer). Thermoplastics are polymers that melt when heating is applied and can be reshaped – remolded in any form. They create a strong cohesive force between two surfaces they are applied on, and able to join them very strongly.

Some Features:

  • Less Heat-Up Time: Takes only around 3-5 minutes to get heated, and maintains a constant temperature, ideal for home, office, and school, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crafts projects with metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and/or more.
  • Very easy to use: Place a glue stick, warm for 3-5 minutes, pull the trigger and the warm glue comes out automatically. This Glue gun has a Built-in fuse prevents it from overheating.
  • Sufficient length of power supply wire.
  • The power switch has clear markings to show the On/Off state of the glue gun, which is complemented with a Power Indicator LED.

You can buy from us Glue Gun Sticks for use with this Gun. If you glue gun sticks from other vendors, please buy 11 mm diameter glue gun sticks. 100W Glue Gun in India is quite commonly used in Electrical and Packaging industries, where the workers need to keep circuit elements intact while shipping and during normal operation of the finished products.

See the Youtube review of this Glue Gun.

So guys, give us a chance to serve you and Buy a 100W Glue Gun in India (MX-100) (Max Brand).

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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  1. Poornima

    This worked fine. And I am using this for my Art projects too!

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