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This Copper Clad General Purpose Circuit Board (GPCB) 6″x4″ perforated or DOT PCB to manufacture your circuit (generally after a successful breadboard prototyping)! Used by students/professors/industry. Use it to deploy your circuit in the real world!

Here you can buy the General Purpose PCB 6×4″ (with holes) (1 Pc) (DOT PCB) in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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In India, if you buy online the General purpose 6″x4″ PCB or GPCB Perforated with Holes, you are at the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle – Home for IoT, Embedded Electronics components. It is also called DOT PCB or Perfboard. This is a copper-clad perforated (or with holes) board on which is very easy to solder any circuit component.

Features of this GPCB 6×4″ Perforated or DOT PCB or Perfboard: India

  • Make it to make circuits over it
  • Components need to be soldering over the holes or perforations
  • Ideal for prototyping
  • Convenient soldering
  • One side copper clad
  • Dimension: 4X6 Inches
  • Quality: Very High

Thin, lightweight, rigid DOT PCB with perforations or round holes pre-drilled at 0.1-inch uniform spacing. Electronic components can be soldered e.g., resistors, capacitors, and ICs. The 0.1-inch uniform spacing easily fits in the DIP ICs, which is quite convenient, but this board cannot be used with SMD components like AMS1117. Generally, students, or electronics circuit designers in India and worldwide, need to draw circuit schematic and plan the components before actually soldering it to the DOT PCB or perforated GPCB. You can use the CAD tools like eagles or other PCB designing tools.

Specifications of the 6×4 GPCB with Perforated or Holes or DOT PCB:

  • Copper Clad.
  • Board Thickness: 2mm (approx)
  • Lead-Free
  • Perforated: Yes

People usually reduce wire usage to make up the circuit so that it looks clean and very easy to debug. Cut the extra wire using our Wire Cutter. If you solder wrongly you can use our solder wick or desoldering pump to desolder the joint from the DOT PCB.

Circuit Uncle ensures the quality of the supplied components, so be confident and buy online in India the General purpose 6″x4″ PCB or GPCB Perforated with Holes with us.

Wikipedia Page for Perfboard or GPCB or DOT PCB

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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