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Desoldering Pump or Solder Pump or Solder Sucker is used for pinpoint high accuracy desoldering operation. If you want to have a better result compared to Desoldering Wick then buy a Desoldering pump.

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Buy online in India, DeSoldering pump or solder pump or solder sucker at Circuit Uncle, the home for IoT, Embedded Systems, and Electronics components. In case you want to make the desoldering process even more convenient compared to using the Solder wick you might want to try out the Desoldering pump. Watch the video embedded below the page on how the desoldering pumps work!  This is a push-button Desoldering pump.

Some Features of the Desoldering Pump

  • Lightweight plastic body: very convenient to handle
  • Sturdy plastic rod: very long operational life
  • High suction power: desoldering could be done with high efficiency
  • Teflon nozzle: it can withstand heat
  • Easy to clean and maintain: it makes life easy!

Solder sucker desoldering pump is a single hand-operated device with powerful suction. It can be used even if you are right or left-handed.  Push the piston against the spring force inside the pump and Pressing the trigger button (places over the pump) with one hand. It will such all the melted solder within a fraction of time. Pressing the button creates an immediate vacuum and the melted solder gets sucked in the tube of the pump. Widely used as solder remover over the desoldering wick to correct mistakes with small boards on PCBs.

A desoldering or solder pump, technically known as a solder sucker, is a manual single-handed operated device that is used to remove solder from a PCB, particularly used over the copper wick mesh when accuracy matters. There are main two types of pumps used in the market: the plunger style (as our pump is) and the bulb style. The pump is applied to a heated or melted solder connection and suck the solder away. The plunger-type has a cylinder with a spring-loaded piston which is pushed down and locks into place. When triggered, the piston springs up, creating a vacuum that sucks the melted solder.

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