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The DC Geared Motor 12V 300RPM low-cost Center Shaft Geared motor specifically designed for robotic applications offer a wide variety of options. Easy to use and mount long durability, and very affordable considering the features.

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What to buy online in India the DC Geared 300 RPM 12V motor, you came to the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle – Home for robotics, IoT electronics components. This 300 RPM motor has high torque and is perfect for your bots. This motor is very famous among the students in India and worldwide who are beginning in the field of robotics or learning the Arduino. We recommend buying our Arduino Starter kit that contains a low-cost DC motor as well as a servo motor, which will surely help you to learn using Arduino better.

Some features of DC Geared Motor 12V 300 RPM

  • 300 RPM 12V DC motors with Gearbox
  • 3000 RPM base motor
  • 6mm shaft diameter with internal hole
  • 125 gm weight
  • Same size motor available in various rpm
  • 0.35 kg-cm torque
  • No-load current = 60 mA(Max), Load current = 300 mA(Max)
  • Main Color: Silver Tone;
  • Material: Metal
  • The gearbox is sealed inside a metallic covering, lubricated with grease, and requires no maintenance.
  • 300 RPM at 12V, the motor runs smoothly in the 4V – 12V voltage range and has a wide range of RPM and torque.

Due to its universal shaft, these DC Geared motors open a wide variety of choices in terms of Wheels and chassis to be attached. The L293D H-bridge module with an onboard voltage regulator motor driver can be used with this motor. These motors have a hole in the middle of the shaft which makes it simple to connect it to the wheels or any other mechanical assembly. Thus due to this ease, you can easily make all-terrain rovers using it.

What to know what’s inside a DC Geared Motor (12V 300RPM)? See the video.

You will get this 300 RPM SC 12V Geared Motor online in India at this page, be assured about the quality when you buy with us.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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