CD4017 Decade Counter / Divider (CD4017BE) – India

The CD4017 is one of the most popular Decade Counter (Divided by 10 Counter). It is a 5 Stage Divide by 10 Johnson Counter with 10 Decoded outputs. It has a wide supply voltage range from 3V to 15V and is compatible with TTL. It has a medium speed of operation, typically 5Mhz. Its applications include industrial electronics, remote metering, automotive, medical electronics, instrumentation and alarm systems.

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The CD4017 or CD1017BE is one of the most popular Decade Counter (Divided by 10 Counter) available to buy online in India. It is a 5 Stage Divide by 10 Johnson Counter with 10 Decoded outputs and a carry bit, a 16 pin CMOS DIP IC.

To reset the counter to their zero/initial state, a supply of logical “1” on their reset line is applied. These counters are incremented by the positive edge of the clock signal which is when the clock enables pin signal is in the logical “0” state. The 10 decoded outputs are normally (by default) in the logical “0” state and go to the logical “1” state only at their respective time slot. Each output remains high for 1 full clock duration. The carry signal completes a full cycle for every 10 clock input cycles and is used as a ripple carry the signal to any succeeding stages.

  • Decade counter
  • 3 to 15V DC supply voltage
  • Up to 5Mhz clock speed
  • Counts on the positive clock signal transition
  • 100ns propagation delay
  • 0.2W power, DIL-16
  • -55°C to +125°C

The CD4017 or CD4017BE is used for counting applications. In India, CE4017 is used mainly for LED (light-emitting diode) colorful pattern generating boards and for other logical output projects (Binary counter/decoder, frequency division, divide by N counting, Alarm system, etc), so if you are looking for a sequential counting IC with fast counting speed then buy online in India CD4017 or CD4017BE IC. No need for an extra microcontroller for using it!

CD4017 or CD4017BE Pin Configuration (Buy online in India)

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 to 7 and 9,10,11 Output pins Q0 to Q9 These are the 10 output pins on which the counting occurs, they are not in order hence verify pin diagram above
8 Vss or Ground Connected to the Ground of the circuit
12 Carry Out (CO) This pin goes high after the IC counts from 1 to 10. This is used as a carry while counting.
13 Clock Enable (EN) This is an input which when made high will hold the count at the current state
14 Clock The counting happens when this clock pulse goes high, this pin is normally connected to 555 timer or other uC to produce a pulse
15 Resets As the name suggests this pin resets the count back to 1
16 Vdd / Vcc Connects to the supply voltage typically +5V
For Datasheet click here.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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