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Breadboards are one of the most fundamental pieces when learning how to build circuits. The 400 Tie Points Medium sized is suitable for an IoT developer while building a compact circuit.

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If you need breadboard neither too big (840 Tie Points) nor too small (170 Tie Points), you can buy at Circuit Uncle online in India the Medium size 400 Tie Points Breadboard. Some features of this medium-sized breadboard are listed below:

  • 400 holes, Spacing: 0.1 in (2.54 mm)
  • Rows are connected in sets of five
  • Middle divider separates the board
  • 85mm X 56mm in total breadboard area
  • Hinge to Another board Side by Side and could be pasted from the bottom side.
  • White color, with colored strips to indicate the hole column/row number.
  • Two power rails on both sides.
  • Material: ABS

These boards can be joined together sideways to make a bigger sized breadboard. The power rails can be easily detached to form a smaller board, and groove in the middle makes it further easier to cut the boards in half which enables the formation of further smaller boards. Due to this compactness offered by the Medium Size 400 Tie Points breadboard, it is preferred by IoT and Embedded system developers in India and Worldwide.

A breadboard is technically a rectangular plastic board with multiple holes in it, which enable to insert electronic components to complete an electronic circuit. Resistor, Wires, Capacitors, ICs all can be inserted over it. This breadboard is also known as a solderless breadboard as the connections are not permanent, and you can remove a component to correct a mistake. This makes prototyping an electronic circuit real fun and thus these breadboards are found all over the technical colleges or institutes labs.

Some common mistakes are often committed by students using breadboard: shorting components, changing connections while the power supply is on, and loose connections.

Wikipedia link for Breadboards

Don’t worry about the quality of Breadboard Medium Size 400 Tie Points, Circuit Uncle ensure high quality to all products, so buy with confidence in India.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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