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The AMS1117-3.3V 1A voltage regulator SMD module is great for your microcontroller based projects and various electronic projects which need a quick solution for voltage regulation.

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AMS1117 3.3V are low dropout 3-terminal voltage regulators with 1A output current capability. AMS1117 features a very low standby current 2mA compared to 5mA of a popular competitor. To buy online in India the AMS1117 3.3V 1A SMD Voltage Regulator, you came at the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle – Home for IoT, Embedded and Robotics Electronics components. They are generally used to make battery chargers and high-efficiency linear voltage regulators.

Features of AMS1117 3.3V 1A SMD Voltage Regulator

    • Output Voltage: 3.3V
    • Output Current: 1A
    • Operates Down to 1V Dropout
    • Input Voltage: 30V maximum
    • Line Regulation: 0.2% maximum
    • Load Regulation: 0.4% maximum
    • Material: Epoxy resin
    • Replace your LM1117 3.3V
    • Part Specific Code: H834MP
    • standby current: 2mA
    • does not require any current protection diodes
    • Thermal protection circuitry will shut-down the regulator is the junction temperature exceeds 165°C

You can build a very stable and linear voltage regulator circuit with this component. The On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload and external temperature creating excessive junction temperatures. The AMS1117 requires an output capacitor for frequency compensation and the addition of a 22µF capacitor on the output will ensure stability virtually with all the operating conditions. But to further improve the transient response and stability of the voltage regulator, a larger capacitor value could be used.

NOTE: AMS1117 is an SMD version of the voltage regulator. Not to be soldered via a normal soldering iron.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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