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The HIW 9 (Nine) Volt Battery will be the power source for your circuit. As every circuit require a power source this component is a must-buy! In portable/movable circuits these batteries are like a lifeline. Here you can buy the HIW 9 Volt Battery in India.

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The HIW 9 Volt batteries were introduced during the era of transistors. But still, they find their usage in almost every circuit. If you are looking to buy online in India, the HIW 9 Volt Battery, you came to the right place, i.e., Circuit Uncle.

HIW 9 Volt battery has generally a rectangular prismoid structure/shape and connected with the circuit through connectors/snap plugs. The 9-volt batteries have mainly carbon-zinc and alkaline chemistry, in primary Li-Fe (Lithium – Iron) disulfide. Inside a HIW 9-volt battery, there are six cylindrical or flat cells connected in series. Although some brands use welded tabs internally to attach to the cells, others press foil strips against the ends of the cells. The battery has both terminals with the snap connector and the smaller circular male terminal is positive, and the larger hexagonal or octagonal female terminal is the negative pole. Due to the obvious shape of the battery connector and the snap plus, it is, therefore, quite a straightforward connection to make.

You can use it with your Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, or Nano, or even with the ESP 32 or ESP 8266 to create a low powered IoT (Internet of things) application/project.

It finds many applications all over the industry and hobbyist domain, i.e., ranging from smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, electronic meters to powering simple LED blinking experiments. You can further build a potential divider circuit (through a combination of resistors or through potentiometer) to make the input voltage suitable for your application!

  • Type: 6F22M
  • Material Type: Zinc Carbon, and 0% Mercury and Cadmium.
  • Dimension: L26.5 x H48.50 x B17.50 (Approx)
  • Metal Jacket
  • Nominal Voltage(V) :9V
  • Discharge Resistance(Ω): 620
  • Cut-off Voltage(V): 5.4
  • Press Stud Terminal Type Connectors

NOTE: Do not tamper with the packaging of HIW 9 Volt Battey or throw it in the fire. As it might short circuit and possibly hazardous.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

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