9 Volt Battery Connector/Snap Plug

The 9 Volt Battery Connector or Snap Plug Breadboards provides a way to connect a nine-volt (9V) battery, the power source to your circuit. After that, you could further divide the voltage through a potentiometer or as your circuit requires!

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If you have added in your cart the 9 Volt HIW battery you should also buy this 9 Volt Battery Snap plug or connector. This 9V battery is a must with the famous 9 Volt HIW batteries which is very famous in India among students making electronics projects. In the market, it is sometimes called 9 V Battery Connector Cap.

Features of 9 Volt Battery Connector/Snap Plug

  • Connects to a 9V DC battery
  • Have two terminals
  • It could be connected to standard a 9V battery.
  • Good for use in science experiments
  • Teaching tool for electronics lessons

The 9V Battery connector or snap plug is used to hold a 9 Volt HIW batteries at one end and on other end wires are plugged or soldered in the circuit to supply power to the circuit. 9 Volt Battery Connector/Snap Plug has two different type of connectors embedded in one place, i.e., one male and another female. The male-female combination in the Snap plug is a complement to that on the 9V dc HIW battery.

Although the Snap plug when directly connected to the circuit will provide a potential difference of 9 volts, a further division of the voltage is possible through a potentiometer or potential divisor circuit made through a combination of resistors.

The snap plug or connector enables a firm connection with the 9V battery so that it not get displaced while your robot is in motion or when your circuit accidentally falls. Circuit Uncle brought this durable low-cost plug for Indian students and industry.

You can power up your Arduino UNO with it directly, see the figure below.

9 Volt HIW Battery Snap plug connection with Arduino UNO
9 Volt HIW Battery Snap plug connection with Arduino UNO


NOTE: Do not short circuit while connected with the battery. It might damage the battery or can melt the Snap plug wire in the worst case.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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