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This 4 Wheel Chassis with Caster Wheel Front Mount is a must when you are building your own robot, e.g., a line follower! An important component to keep your robot moving on which your whole circuit rests.

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We have kept the 4 Wheel Chassis with Caster Wheel Front Mount for you to buy online in India. Through this chassis, you can attach 4 wheels along with one caster wheel, which is available in our inventory and you can also buy from us. This chassis is metallic and strong, which can withstand heavy load over it.

This chassis is very famous among students of India and worldwide who generally use it to make line follower robot. If you have attended a line follower robot workshop of any kind you might have already seen it. One can also ignore the front 2 wheel mounts and use the rear end wheel pairs with caster wheels to make the bot move.  This chassis is a load-bearing heavy-duty metallic framework, which structurally supports the object in its construction and function.

This chassis is also having several holes over it which you can use to fix your circuit using nuts and bolts. The holes you will find near the wheel mount too, in case you want to attach sensors like an ultrasonic distance sensor. With so many perforations or holes over it at all sides, this chassis could also be used to build an obstacle avoidance robot.

Applications of this chassis

  • Usage-Home/Hobby Project, Line follower, moving robot projects, or prototype for automated car projects.
  • Mechanical Component.
  • Make your bot on it.
  • Wheels, motors, and your whole circuit will fit on this chassis easily.

Wikipedia page for Chassis

We also have other options for you in chassis, 4 wheel robot chassis, and 2 wheels 1 caster wheel line robot chassis.

Circuit Uncle ensures the utmost quality of each product it delivers to you, so don’t worry and buy with confidence the 4 Wheel Chassis with Caster Wheel Mount online in India. Call us for more options.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm


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