Line Follower Robot Chassis (2 Motors and 1 Caster)- India

This 2 Wheel Chassis with Caster Wheel Front Mount is a must when you are building your own robot, for example, a line follower or an automated tricycle! An important component on which your whole circuit and other components sit tight.

Here you can buy the 2 Wheel Chassis with Caster Wheel Front Mount in India. Order multiple products and save per-item shipping cost in India. Local Pickup is also available in Delhi-NCR.

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You can buy online in India the Two-wheel chassis with caster wheel front mount or simply the line follower robot chassis at Circuit Uncle – Home for robotics, embedded systems, IoT components, and solutions. This chassis is made of metal, which makes it really strong and durable compared to generally available light plastic chassis. The holes throughout the chassis are good to screw various components which will sit tight over it. In order to make your Line follower motor or Tricycle motion ready apart from this product you will need, 2 DC geared motor, 2 plastic wheels mountable on the motor shaft, a caster wheel, and some connecting wires, which you will need to solder to your motor.

This Line Follower Robot Chassis is painted throughout with rust-resistant paint to make it rust-resistant, thus ensuring durability. Being of metal makes it strong thus even heavy circuits or payload can rest on it. It is although very much suitable for a Line follower bot but not for Robowars!

Reasons to Buy online in India the Line Follower Robot Chassis

  • Usage-Home/Hobby Project, Line follower, moving robot projects, or prototype for an automated tricycle.
  • A heavy-duty mechanical.
  • Make your bot on it.
  • Perforated-Having many holes, so that you can tie up or embed multiple things on the chassis.
  • Wheels, motors, and your whole circuit will fit on this chassis easily.

Good Picture Based Tutorial on assembling your own robotic car or a line follower robot

If you want to have assistance or idea with the components of a Line Follower Robot, we have also made a Line follower robot kit, which comes under INR 1000. Why not buy the whole kit online in India, instead of just buying the chassis? Give Circuit Uncle a chance to serve you, and you might be able to contact our team for technical support (WhatsApp us).

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 180 × 70 × 1 cm

2 reviews for Line Follower Robot Chassis (2 Motors and 1 Caster)- India

  1. Kumar Baibav

    good for line followers.

  2. Raju Kumar Mishra

    My Line follower Bot has fallen by mistake from the rooftop (Since my programing of the bot was slightly off). But this chassis remained and many of the components with it. All was that, since it was a metal chassis not the plastic one.

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