2 Axis JoyStick Module (Arduino / RPi) – India

A 2 Axis JoyStick Module for Arduino can be used as a game controller and programmed for your own developed game.

Project Idea: An Arduino Based Space Invader game!

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A Lot of robotic projects need a joystick (when you want to control it!). This 2- Axis Joystick module offers an affordable and yet efficient solution to do it! The Joystick module is similar to analog joysticks found in video gaming consoles (In fact they are very similar to the one that comes with Play Station 2!). These 2-Axis Joysticks are constructed by placing, two potentiometers at a 90 degrees angle and are connected to a short centering rod with the help of springs. Buy online in India the 2 Axis JoyStick Module with fast shipping, at Circuit Uncle (Home for Embedded / IoT / Robotics components and solutions).

This 2 Axis JoyStick Module produces an output of 2.5 V when it is at its initial position. While moving the joystick results in output varying from 0v to 5V when a full deflection is performed. If the microcontroller has a 10 bit ADC (e.g., your favorite Arduino Nano, Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA 2560), based on the voltage value you can expect 511 or 512 or a nearby value at Joystick’s initial position. While in a full-scale deflection you will see the ADC output varying from 0 to 1023 (i.e., from the minimum value to the maximum possible value). Due to its ease of operation and low cost, the 2 Axis JoyStick Module is very popular among students in India.

It is easily integrable with an Arduino / Raspberry Pi or another microcontroller you want to use.


  • Low power consumption
  • Supply Voltage Vcc – 5V DC
  • Stable circuit & last long
  • Breadboard friendly pin-out

Breakout pins:
GND (For Ground)
+5V (can apply any compatible voltage, e.g.: 3.3V or 5.0V (the Vcc)
VRX (X-axis) (The X-Axis Tilt Value)
VRY (Y-axis) (The Y-Axis Tilt Value)
SW (Push button) (If the button is pressed)

Detailed Documentation/Datasheet/Manual.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 4 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm

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  1. Amit S.

    I built a game console from this.

  2. Anuj Raina

    Nice JoyStick Module! I have used it with Arduino UNO to build a game for my school project. Really happy with this project. Thank you, circuit uncle, for suggesting it.

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