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A breadboard is typically made of plastic or some other polymer with multiple holes on it. The holes let anyone to easily insert electronic components to make an electronic circuit. If you require this high-quality breadboard online in India, you came to the right place to buy, i.e., Circuit Uncle. Below are some breadboards (different sizes) that are in stock.

But why the word “bread” in the name of an electronic component? Well, it comes from the early days when people would need to fix their circuit with nails or screws into wooden boards on which generally their mother use to cut bread. But in modern times as these breadboards are available in India and around the world for purchase! You also might have come to a term known as “solderless” which just mean that these breadboard doesn’t require any soldering to fix electronic component on them.

How a breadboard is that leads of an electronic component can fit into the breadboard hole as it is made up of rows of tiny metal clips. When you press a component’s lead into a hole, these clips grab it tightly enough to hold it. Although your connection is not permanent, this solderless. And being solderless, a breadboard saves you time, from regularly de-soldering the components if you happen to make an error.
You can use breadboards to make interesting electronics projects, such as bots, clap detector, led matrix, line follower robot and many more.
Breadboards come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The most common size you will see around are full-sizehalf-size, and mini. The breadboards which are available at also come with notches on the sides through which you will be able to join multiple boards together sideways. However, a single full-sized breadboard is sufficient for most of the projects. So buy one of the breadboards online in India at Circuit Uncle, and complete your circuit.
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