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To promote a DIY culture among the technical education grads and school children. Because doing things makes learning better & leads to innovation.

Circuit Uncle

Brief Story

Circuit Uncle's Exciting Story

The journey of Circuit Uncle is quite exciting as well as complicated. Circuit Uncle came into being due to a need that the current market doesn't cater.

Lets start way back in 2010

In 2010, a small-town kid got admission in a technology institute located at a strategically important location, lying between two metropolitan cities of India, Bangalore, and Chennai. Newly introduced to technical stuff, his everyday thinking was to solve various world's various problems utilizing the knowledge he gained! As he was passing days planning on the various solution, he was relying on the fact that his institute's labs will be sufficient to gather all the electronics components he required. But in contrary to his thinking those labs only contains those components which are required to complete experiments of courses taught.

Expensive and Unavailable Components!

He then looked the city's market, in a hope to find them all. But only a fraction of the components were available. Roaming shop to shop was a total waste of time and effort. He tried online, as going to neighboring cities to purchase components was out of question with the workload of his degree. But at that time, online market rates were soaring high, and some required components he has to order partially from multiple websites which make them even more expensive with consolidating shipping rate. Thus, he gave up on those ideas and just concentrated on his course work! He has published several of high impact research works since then, and known for a tech blog.

Same story repeated !

The same story was repeated precisely after one year, with another student studying in a remotely located college in the hills region of Uttarakhand. Where students make plans about projects, have fantastic ideas, but never able materialize them, as availability of these components was out of the question. Purchasing online with a high shipping price was simply going to make their pocket empty. But being talented and creative, she just continued her technical education without approaching to plans of implementing those ideas. Since then, she has contributed a lot to society, as a Lecturer in engineering colleges and social worker.

Fast forward to 2014, new delhi

Fast forward to 2014, this story was repeated one more time with another enthusiastic student of a premier institute who has a very different view of life. He hails from Delhi, and ultimately using online websites and the famous Chandni Chowk market he gathered almost all the components he needed, but the sheer waiting time and the energy he has spent on gathering those could have been utilized much more efficiently in other innovative projects which he had made plans of initially. (Ultimately he only managed to have only one patent, instead of actually planning for 4+). Now he is an IoT specialist and sought after in the industry.

Here came the man !

In 2018, an experienced businessman who hails from the era of late 80's (he remembers those times by saying that when only one person use to have a television in the whole community) met with them by chance. He knew the market very well, have contacts and have seen the technology, change this world! Always had tried to build an effective team in past comprising bright minds. He is already running a business successfully for years.


These four stories collided to form Circuit Uncle, as a place where we see, what a student needs to make his/her idea into reality.
We also understand the financial situation of student (how limited their spending could be) so kept the pricing reasonable and often give discounts who cannot afford.
Although to keep the business running, the profit is important but not too much when it comes to a person's dreams. We also try hard to make sure the availability of the components and timely deliver those who need it urgently. As the innovation doesn't wait for anyone, we are making it sure that an idea is not lost!

Circuit Uncle's Address:
A-27, Rama Park, Uttam Nagar New Delhi - 110059, India.